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Who is AMLAPS?

AMLAPS is a leading player in the international student market with a far-reaching and dynamic service offering that benefits education institutions, agents and individual students.

With a proven, quality-assured global network of more than 9,100 Agents across 63 countries and a growing database of registered students AMLAPS is in a unique position to support the UK’s education institutions in recruiting appropriate, high-quality international students from all over the world. Passionate about education, AMLAPS is dedicated to raising standards and ensuring financial security and stability throughout the sector. It aims to unite a fragmented industry and restore trust in British education after the turbulence of recent years which has witnessed the psychological trust between British institutions and students slowly fading.

We have invested a great deal of time and energy ensuring we are sensitive to the concerns of the Home Office whilst remaining determined that the user experience for students, agents and the education institution is not compromised. We recognise that the recent past have seen major challenges within the education sector with both the government and the wider industry undertaking significant debates about how to shape and redefine policy to safeguard the interest of the sector and the government’s policy on immigration and compliance.

Our world class management team and advisors are regularly engaged to comment on trends and developments concerning the current and future position of the international student market. Education institutions that choose to work with AMLAPS will have the reassurance of being compliant with Home Office requirements and be secure in the knowledge that they will be recruiting students of a high quality. Whether you are an established institution or embryonic in your journey of setting up and recruiting international students our robust approach ensures that any education institution can readily achieve our standard by taking advantage of our AMLAPS Advisory Service where our advisory team works in a collaborative manner to define and development your international office.

At AMLAPS, our mission is to safeguard British education by providing assurance and support to individual students to ensure that their educational experience in the UK is secure and fulfilling. We recognise that the student experience doesn’t end once an individual has enrolled, which is why we’ve introduced our own Concierge Service to ensure that the entire student experience is a rewarding and enjoyable. We have also developed an Escrow which enables students to deposit their Tuition Fees and where necessary Maintenance Allowance to ensure a Fee Protection Scheme and also facilitate an efficient visa application process.

For agents, we’ve introduced our own AMLAPS Kite Mark – a guarantee of quality that ensures compliance with our own high service standards. In becoming a member of the AMLAPS Agent Community, you can enjoy access to a huge range of opportunities and access to a much larger UK market.

To learn more why not send us an email on or call our corporate office on 0207 489 2043